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Just a two hour flight away, Mallorca is a very popular destination for a wide range of visitors. Within this large island there are a wide range of landscapes and resorts which provide something for everyone. Charles Davis and DWG are widely acknowledged as 'Mallorca Experts' thanks to our comprehensive research combined with Charles' inspirational writing and our Tour & Trail mapping, so while you will find lots of guidebooks and quite a few maps available you would be well advised to choose DWG titles.
Walk! Mallorca new for 2014, Walk! Mallorca (West) 2nd ed, GR221 Mallorca's 'Dry Stone Way' by Charles Davis,
Walk Mallorca Tour & Trail Super-Durable Map new for 2014 and Custom Map version

Walk Mallorca Tour & Trail Super-Durable Map  new for 2014
isbn 9781904946977 8.99 available from December 2013
New for 2014 Walk Mallorca Tour & Trail Super-Durable Map is super detailed and super tough making it a must for all outdoor adventurers in the Tramuntana mountains and adjoining regions. Also see our new (2014) Walk! Mallorca guide book by Charles Davis.
Super-Durable means printed on very tough, and very expensive, polymer (Polyart) so that while it feels like silk it is virtually indestructible and will give many seasons use while shrugging off the toughest of conditions and folding up like new.
Walk Mallorca Tour & Trail Super-Durable Map Specification & Contents


Walk! Mallorca new for 2014 160 pages 12.99 ISBN 978-1904946-95-3
Looking for one Mallorca guide book that has all the walking adventures you could want? New for 2014 Walk! Mallorca is your choice. 53 fully detailed walking routes ranging from easy strolls up to serious mountain hikes packed into 160 pages that you can fit into your pocket. At just 12.99 (or less) don’t go to Mallorca without Walk! Mallorca.
Order from               GPS navigation files available for Mallorca

Walk! Mallorca Specification & Contents
Charles Davis has selected 53 walks ranging from Peguera in the west, across the Tramuntana to Cap de Formentor in the north east and down to Playa Alcudia to produce his new (2014) Walk! Mallorca. Walks range from family friendly strolls through energetic leisure walking up to big mountain hikes, giving a range of adventures for all walking abilities.

Walk! Mallorca West 160 pages 2nd edition published March 2011 12.99 ISBN 978-1904946-700  

Walk! Mallorca West Specification & Contents
Thirty fully detailed walk descriptions in Charles Davis' inimitable and inspirational style plus Stages 1 to 3 of GR221 plus two alternative starts for the GR221. GPS Waypoints for pin-point navigational accuracy on all routes, and all of it backed by our 'no compromise' research policy.  If you are based in Western Mallorca then add this book to your travelling essentials.   GPS navigation files available for Mallorca
see March 2013 Updates


GR221 Mallorca's 'Dry Stone Way'
160 pages 12.99 ISBN 978-1904946-48-8
Official title for ISBN "GR221 Mallorca's Long Distance Walking Route"

GR221 Mallorca's 'Dry Stone Way' Specification & Contents
Mallorca's great long distance hiking adventure is open, well almost all of it is open though there are some difficulties so Charles has included two Alternative Starts avoiding the contested sections and has blazed a trail across the difficulties early in the route. Each stage of the route is fully detailed for both walk description, accommodation and all aspects that you will need to know to make for a great and successful adventure.
See Chris and Carol Sealy's Trail Report     GPS navigation files available for Mallorca

GPS navigation files available for Mallorca   see March 2013 Updates

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